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Music I listen to

When I feel emotional and cannot seem to get ahold of reality, I listen to Patsy Cline. I LOVE Patsy Cline. I love singing her music, especially if no one else is around and I can really let loose :)

The current band that I also listen to is Flyleaf.

I like all sorts of music, but most rap and country does not really do it for me.

The 80s rocked :)

Movies I like

Comedy: Jumping Jack Flash, The Whole 9 Yards and Meet the Fockers/Parents

Horror: Nightmare on Elm Street, Boogeyman, Saw

Drama: Shawshank Redemption and Sense and Sensibility

Action: The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day, War of the Worlds and Gladiator

TV shows I watch

Everybody Loves Raymond! .. House .. Criminal Minds .. Bones .. Closer .. Reba :) XFiles and the 80s channel ;)

People I look up to

I look up to my parents. My mother is the coolest, strongest woman I have ever met. My father is extremely and light hearted.

Books that moved me

I do not want to offend anyone that may be looking at this profile, but I really enjoyed the Beauty novels by Anne Rice.

The intimate stories of BDSM are intriguing and absolutely amazed me. Psychologically, these books are phenomenal.

Ramble ramble

I am a 31 year old married female, and mother of two. My oldest child is 12 years old and currently lives with her father. My second child (from current marriage) just turned 1 year old in May.

When my oldest daughter was about 2 years old, I had a nervous breakdown .. wait .. they do not coll them nervous breakdowns anymore! .. *smile* .. When I had a "major depressive episode" .. I decided that it was in her best interest to not be around me. Unfortunately, 2 years later when I finally became myself again.. it was decided that they did not want to give her back. Understandable, but unfortunately, she has not lived with me since.

I met my husband online. We have been living together for about 10 years now. Our anniversary is in March, although .. I do not know if we are going on our 4th or 5th anniversary. I suppose time tends to blend together for me.

I have a bit of a problem with authority figures and being around a lot of people. I get a bit paranoid. School was not easy for me .. the grades were .. the emotions were not. So, I have been reading since I was 20 and trying to keep my brain from starving.

I really like psychological pathology. Perhaps, my interest stems from the hope of understand who I am. Nonetheless, it is a passion of mine, and I love to learn about behaviors and causes.

I have recently made a wonderful! friend. She lives in the neighborhood across the street. Her daughter is one month younger than my darling daughter. They both have just begun to walk, and I find myself laughing and "enjoying the moment" without stress or paranoia. She seems to be a good friend .. for now.

Last week, my husband and I went to our first therapy appointment. He found a psychologist that specializes in both of our "problems" :)

Right now, he and I are working together to "try and save our marriage" .. I am not easy to live with, and he is not easy to handle. He tends to .. invalidate and talk down to when he feels stressed. Trigger is an understatement.

I am currently working through a DBT workbook. I am taking the initiative to better myself, for me. I want to be able to be myself, without always worrying or trying to hide "who I really am" when my daughters are around.

Anywho, that is me! 200mg of Lamictal later and I am still a mess. We will be working on a cocktail soon enough!

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    I've seen Flyleaf in concert, the lead singer kicked ass!!
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    Read your profile and feel like I know you a little better, I look forward to getting to know you even more and good luck with your new board, like I posted if I can do anything let me know!!

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    Have a lovely day !! and also cool profile
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    Love you Dear